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We have FIVE concert band courses, TWO jazz courses, and countless extracurricular performance opportunities. With a program this large and this comprehensive there is a place for you!

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Leading Our Wold through Music

Chaparral was built to be the city’s flagship high school- a truly unique and special place. Music has always been an important part of that heritage. 40 years later Chaparral has a huge music program with a whole department full of music faculty- something not seen at your average school. We have a TWO full time band directors (who teach all band- no music appreciation or other courses to fill out their schedules) Full time choir, orchestra, and mariachi.

Our speciality is helping students find, expand, and realize their full potential as people and as musicians. Those who exit our doors leave not only better musicians but better people. Whether it is a concert band, marching band, percussion, color guard, jazz, or small ensembles our students are learning to be a positive influence on the world around them “Leading our world through music.”

Discover Your Potential

Chaparral Band students get better grades, do better on standardized tests, graduate, attend college, and earn scholarships at a higher rate than their peers. Those things learned in Chaparral Bands will serve students for the rest of their lives- whether they become lifelong musicians or not.


Even if you are not zoned for our school Chaparral is a “Select School” Magnet program for band. Once accepted transportation may even be provided!

Email, call 702-799-7580 x4040, and/or apply online at


Leading Our World Through Music

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